In 2022, the Etnia Barcelona brand created the ETNIA EYEWEAR CULTURE group, which incorporates, in addition to Etnia Barcelona, three new independent brands to meet new consumer trends and consolidate its position in the eyewear sector.
Etnia Barcelona offers exclusive sun and eyeglass designs with color featuring as the key element. The brand, with a clear concept of breaking boundaries, is closely linked to art and culture, and all its campaigns revolve around these two concepts.
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lool stands out for offering ultra-light technical eyewear (4g) and a patented hinge system that facilitates mounting. The brand, inspired by architecture and product design, creates creative, functional, and lightweight eyewear.  
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The Readers presents reading and sunglasses with blue light filter and BIO-acetate frames. The brand is focused on lovers of reading, and its purpose is to make it accessible for everyone. 
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ALLPOETS incorporates sun and eye frames made of Bio and Recycled Acetate (CRT) as well as metal. The brand’s mission is to help minimize environmental impact and promote values of sustainability and environmentally friendly production.